Homegrown Jalapeño Peppers, Bakers Dozen!

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This is a good pepper for cooler climates OR if you grow it early along with things like peas. It doesn't do well in the heat of the summer. This is a hot pepper, I dont eat hot peppers but they are so easy to grow that I grow them and donate them to our Local Food Bank. When I do keep them I can them and give them as gifts. Ill make some picked or Cowboy Candy. Super easy! The well-known chipotle chilies are dry-smoked jalapenos picked when red ripe. I have smoked them also and made chipotle but for me I dry smoke them and then put into a pepper grinder. Another great gift!!!

I never use pesticides or chemicals on my flowers or vegetables!!!

Be sure to get your seeds early for next year because there may be shortages!