Music Garlic Organic 2.0 ounces, Hardneck, Seed Garlic + SURPRISE SEED PACK!

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Music Garlic, Organic Hardneck, Seed Garlic, Plant Now!

Sweet and aromatic, spicy when raw yet mild when cooked, Music is easy to grow with easy-to-peel cloves per bulb.

Carried over from Italy into Canada in the 1980s, music garlic has become one of the most popular hardneck garlic for chefs around the world. Each variety of garlic brings its own subtle taste and flavor to you recipes. Music garlic offers a flavor that ranges from spicy when raw to a hot and aromatic, true gourmet garlic flavor when cooked, and is considered to be the choice garlic of garlic lovers.

Do not forget to eat the Scapes!!!

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